how to dress like zooey

i’ve recently developed a bit of a girl crush on zooey deschanel.  as ridiculous as new girl is, i find myself excited to watch the show each week, not only because i usually crack up during each episode, but for the clothes.  and apparently i’m not alone on this.  while cruising the internet the other day, i stumbled upon, which shows readers where they can purchase the clothes worn by the always-fashionable zooey deschanel.

here, at my fingertips were the secrets to zooey’s boho-vintage-y style.  clotting from anthropologiemod cloth, ruche, kate spade - all my favorite stores - are part of zooey’s repertoire.  my first purchase?  2 dresses from kate spade which were worn on new girl.

so, while i have no problem finding cute clothes on my own, has become my new place for inspiration.  much like new girl, its just too hard to resist.