quickie movie review: the artist

i’ve wanted to see the artist for a few weeks now (even more so since it won best picture), and i finally had a chance to see it this weekend at the paris theatre, which is located across from the plaza hotel in midtown manhattan / central park south.  if you haven’t been to the this theatre before, i would definitely recommend seeing a movie there.  we sat on the mezzanine level (who knew movie theaters with mezzanines still existed!) and it was the perfect location to see the nostalgic black and white ‘silent movie’.

overall, i really liked the film.  i’m not sure whether i would have awarded it best picture, but it was entertaining and a nice ‘throw back’ to a time long past.  i thought the acting was good – its no easy feat to keep audiences entertained with no spoken dialogue – and i give all the actors props for managing this with (what seemed like) relative ease.  john goodman, of course, was stellar in his supporting role.  i haven’t seen him in much since barton fink (awesome movie) and it was a pleasant surprise to see him on screen.  the music, which pretty much plays uninterrupted throughout the entire movie, was also well done.  my only complaint was that it did seem to drag a bit toward the end.  4 out of 5 stars.