2 fun nyc cookbooks

i recently picked up the meatball shop cookbook, and although i’ve only tried one recipe, i’m sold.  when i was living on the lower east side, i tried going to this place countless times, and each time it was completely packed.  eventually they started doing take-out, and once i finally tasted the much-raved about meatballs, i could see what all those people were waiting in line for.

so far, i’ve made the classic beef meatballs twice; they’re easy to make and turned out awesome both times.  the spices are perfectly balanced and create a scrumptious italian meatball.  i buy most of my groceries from foragers, a local and organic grocer, and i really think the fresh meat and herbs made a difference in this recipe.

the cookbook has a a good variety; with 6 sections – the balls, the sauces, stick to your bones sides, the veg, the salads, and the sweets – there are many meal combinations and options. next up on my menu are the bolognese balls with the classic tomato sauce.  i also want to try the ice creams (i just need to buy an ice cream maker first).

everyone loves cupcakes, and in a thriving city like new york, there are no shortage of bakeries.  one of my favorites is magnolia bakery.  every time one of my co-workers has a birthday, we order cupcakes from here…and every time they’re amazing.  magnolia’s cupcakes are the perfect size – not too big – and have just the right amount of sweetness. the cookbook has quite a few cupcake recipes, in addition to other yummy confections, including pies, cakes, breads, brownies, and ice creams.

so far i’ve tried the blondes with cream cheese swirl and pecans, and more recently the strawberry cream cheese pie with graham cracker crust.  both were delicious and left me wanting to try more.