book review: birds of america

i don’t typically read short stories – i like deep, complicated characters and plots – but i can’t say enough good things about lorrie  moore’s short story collection, birds of america.  i was recently introduced to moore’s writing with a gate at the stairs, a coming-of-age novel set in the midwest, and both books are impeccably written and definitely worth reading.

the beauty of birds of america is that even though the stories are only a handful of pages long, you become fully immersed in the characters and what they are going through.  moore has a keen eye in identifying the peculiarities of relationships, and each of these stories offers a little glimpse into these intimate worlds.  i found myself interested in all the stories, and wishing for more when i finally came to the end of the collection.  i think this is a good introduction to moore’s style as a writer.  she’s witty in a non-obvious way, and has a great overall voice.  highly recommended.