the perfect tent for summer fun

now that it’s starting to get warm outside, i have a serious case of summer fever.   i can’t wait for warm summer days at the beach, road trips, and outdoor concerts.  however, one of the fun things about waiting for summer is also shopping for summer.  besides a new 50’s-style swimsuit (which I have yet to find!), i’ve now added this awesome retro-inspired tent to my must-have list.  i love the airy, vintage-style fabric and simplicity of the design.  although i’m not sure how warm this would keep me during a cold adirondack night, its perfect for a music festival or day trip to the park.

 from cath kidston, available at for $120.

brian cox, the chillest physicist


i’ve been watching a lot of the science channel lately, and my favorite show (besides morgan freeman’s through the wormhole) is wonders of the universe, starring professor brian cox, physicist extraordinaire.  i can always count on cox’s british accent to soothe me slowly to sleep.  and that’s not to say that the show is boring – quite the contrary – its thought-provoking and cinematically-interesting.  some of the space footage and camera work is really amazing, and cox’s narration comes across as larger than life as he discusses the galaxy and how it relates to humanity.  grab a glass of wine and cuddle up on the couch while you check this show out – you’ll be reminded how wonderous our world really is, which can be so easy to forget sometimes (especially if you’re a busy new yorker).

turn out your lights tomorrow at 8:30pm for earth hour

tomorrow from 8:30-9:30pm is earth hour, a global ‘lights out’ event and the world’s largest public action for the environment.  earth hour started as a single-city initiative in sydney, australia in 2007 and is now supported by millions of people around the globe.  some of the world’s most famous landmarks will go dark tomorrow night – including China’s Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower, Table Mountain, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Buckingham Palace, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue, Niagara and Victoria Falls, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House and many more.  this is a cause definitely worth supporting.

filthy spacecat tangerine galaxy

i’m a complete sucker for all-natural soaps, and on my recent trip to hawaii, i discovered the coolest soaps ever: filthy farmgirl - 100% natural, vegan-friendly soaps with a twist.  with over 69 flavors, they’re anything but ordinary.  my particular favorites (and the ones i brought home in my already exceeding-the-limit carry-on bag) were of the cat variety – filthy pussy (mint rose), filthy tourist (coconut), and filthy spacecat (tangerine).  with a slogan like ‘live nakedly’ these little bars of cleanliness remind me of the perfect paradise that is hawaii. and, luckily for me (and you!), they ship free of charge.  now the hard part – deciding which ones to order.

a new blog by a non-blogger

current drink of choice: riesling; current background sound: house of lies (which i haven’t quite warmed to).

so here i am, starting a blog.  the purpose of this blog? honestly, unknown.  i figure i’ll figure it out soon enough.  when all else fails, i suppose i can just post cute pictures of my cat.