beach house live @ central park

beach house - central park summerstage

summer concerts, especially in central park, are always a much anticipated event, and last night’s beach house show was no exception.  though it was sweltering hot and about 85% humidity, the band played enthusiastically for a sold out crowd of new york city hipsters. about a third of the way through the show, the rain started pouring, but it was almost a welcome relief to the heat and seemed to have added rather than detracted from the overall vibe.  victoria legrand (the singer and keyboard player) let the crowd know that, “we’re all in this together” and continued singing her laid-back, spacey tunes.  they played a good mixture of old and new songs, and it wasn’t until their hit song “myth” was over that people started meandering out of the park and onto dryer ground.  this is my second time seeing the band, and i would definitely recommend seeing them live if you haven’t already.

beach house - bloom

additionally, if you haven’t picked up their latest album, you need to do that as well.  similar in style to their prior releases, bloom is lush, subtly-complicated, and dreamy.

summer music festival fun

i  just bought tickets for the osheaga music festival in montreal this august.  the lineup is pretty awesome, and who can resist a summer road trip?!  i can’t wait to start planning!

harper simon – wishes and stars

i heard this song last night on the credits of the girls premiere – still undecided about the show, but absolutely love this song!!!  at first i thought it was simon and garfunkel…super mellow goodness.