free people april catalog

the weather is finally starting to warm up and i can’t help shopping for fun summer clothes. my new shopping obsession – free people’s april catalog.  i’m totally digging the brigitte bardot styling and think these looks would be so cute for my late summer trip to italy.


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beautiful vintage-inspired wedding gowns

i’m having one of those really lazy sunday mornings and just happened to start looking online at wedding gowns.  i’m not engaged, but sometimes i like to take a looksie and see what’s out there.  during my wanderings, i came across the most fabulous wedding designer, YolanCris.  behind the making of these beautiful wedding dresses are yolanda and cristina, two sisters sisters from barcelona who launched their collection in 2006.

my favorite dresses are included in their Lumière collection, which has a wonderful vintage vibe.  below are some of my favorites.

(photos courtesy of

free people – september catalog

i’ve been absolutely lusting after the new free people catalog.  these are some of my favorite looks – now i just need to decide which one i can afford to buy!  i can’t wait for the fall!

how to dress like zooey

i’ve recently developed a bit of a girl crush on zooey deschanel.  as ridiculous as new girl is, i find myself excited to watch the show each week, not only because i usually crack up during each episode, but for the clothes.  and apparently i’m not alone on this.  while cruising the internet the other day, i stumbled upon, which shows readers where they can purchase the clothes worn by the always-fashionable zooey deschanel.

here, at my fingertips were the secrets to zooey’s boho-vintage-y style.  clotting from anthropologiemod cloth, ruche, kate spade - all my favorite stores - are part of zooey’s repertoire.  my first purchase?  2 dresses from kate spade which were worn on new girl.

so, while i have no problem finding cute clothes on my own, has become my new place for inspiration.  much like new girl, its just too hard to resist.

my never-ending quest for the perfect shoes

i have literally been searching for the perfect flats for years now.  i seem to have a problem finding the right size – they’re either too big and slip off my feet when i walk, or too small and hurt my poor toes.  thankfully, my latest purchase seems to be the perfect balance…they fit like a glove.  made by brazillian designer melissa, these shoes remind me of jellies, with their plastic construction and faux-woven style.

they’re also extra-awesome due to the interchangeable black or white bow.  very retro.

available at anthropologie for $88.  i also recently learned that melissa has a new store in soho, which i will no doubt be checking out soon.

fashionista review: all saints reptile bag & wallet

the search for my next perfect handbag has ended tonight – introduce the all saints reptile bag (in bitter black, also available in stone).  this bag is a classic boho-chic hobo style, but is spiced up with and really unique ‘razored surface’ (which, according to the salesperson, is handmade).  i also really like the ‘hardware’ on the bag – it gives it that industrial/vintage feel.

as an added bonus, there is also a matching wallet that zips closed.  both the bag and wallet are super roomy – perfect for a busy on-the-go new yorker.  as with most of my all saints purchases, the quality and construction on both these pieces is superb.

bag retails for $395 and wallet for $110 at