beautiful vintage-inspired wedding gowns

i’m having one of those really lazy sunday mornings and just happened to start looking online at wedding gowns.  i’m not engaged, but sometimes i like to take a looksie and see what’s out there.  during my wanderings, i came across the most fabulous wedding designer, YolanCris.  behind the making of these beautiful wedding dresses are yolanda and cristina, two sisters sisters from barcelona who launched their collection in 2006.

my favorite dresses are included in their Lumière collection, which has a wonderful vintage vibe.  below are some of my favorites.

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dumbo’s stained glass water tower

tom fruin’s “watertower”,  which has been on display above one of dumbo’s loft buildings since earlier this summer, is made of approximately 1,000 pieces of reclaimed plexiglass scraps that were sourced locally from NYC.  the steel sculpture sits majestically above the brooklyn skyline and can be seen from the cobblestone streets below.  i like walking home from work and seeing it glisten in the sky behind the bridge – its really quite pretty.

for those of you who aren’t able to see the sculpture in person, check out this webcam that shows the watertower in time lapse.

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