movie review: take this waltz

i had never heard of ‘take this waltz’ when i ordered it late a night in a philadelphia hotel room, and i really ended up enjoying it.  the movie is beautifully shot; it takes place in the dead of summer, and you can almost feel the heat coming off the screen.  michelle williams plays a housewife who falls for one of her neighbors, and her portrayal of the guilt and inner-conflict that stems from this situation is well-acted and believable.  williams seems to flock toward these type of roles, and her performance here reminded me of the characters she played in ‘blue valentine’ and ‘my week with marilyn’ (i’d also recommend both of those movies if you haven’t seen them).  though williams is the focal-point of this movie, it was also interesting to see seth rogen play a serious role of her chef husband.

this low-key movie is more about atmosphere than a huge amount of action, and some  people may find the pacing a bit slow.  however, i thought it was really well-done and thought-provoking.  recommended.

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