sunset over the manhattan

the weather is pretty awful today, but this weekend it was gorgeous.  here’s a shot from my kitchen window taken on friday night.

merlin’s barrow sauvignon blanc

someone recently told me that if you’re unsure of what type of wine to order at a divey bar, go with sauvignon blanc.  the rationale?  its usually pretty good no matter what the price point.  this particular sauvignon blanc is in the $12 range, and has a nice light, crisp taste.  according to the description, there are “flavors of gooseberry, tropical fruits, and zesty lime,” and while i don’t have the most advanced wine tasting pallet, i can definitely taste the fruitiness.  a great wine for a summer barbecue.

3.5 out of 5

how to dress like zooey

i’ve recently developed a bit of a girl crush on zooey deschanel.  as ridiculous as new girl is, i find myself excited to watch the show each week, not only because i usually crack up during each episode, but for the clothes.  and apparently i’m not alone on this.  while cruising the internet the other day, i stumbled upon, which shows readers where they can purchase the clothes worn by the always-fashionable zooey deschanel.

here, at my fingertips were the secrets to zooey’s boho-vintage-y style.  clotting from anthropologiemod cloth, ruche, kate spade - all my favorite stores - are part of zooey’s repertoire.  my first purchase?  2 dresses from kate spade which were worn on new girl.

so, while i have no problem finding cute clothes on my own, has become my new place for inspiration.  much like new girl, its just too hard to resist.

summer music festival fun

i  just bought tickets for the osheaga music festival in montreal this august.  the lineup is pretty awesome, and who can resist a summer road trip?!  i can’t wait to start planning!

blue ribbon sushi izaykaya – yum new restaurant on the les

although its been a year since i moved from my noisy apartment on ludlow and rivington to dumbo, i still manage to make routine outings to the lower east side.  there are always new restaurants popping up in the area, once of which is blue ribbon sushi izayaka, the latest and greatest offering from the bromberg brothers, who are known for their various blue ribbon restaurants around the city.  this includes the super cute brunch spot, blue ribbon bakery, in the west village.  if you haven’t been to this place already, you should definitely check it out.

needless to say, blue ribbon sushi izayaka did not disappoint.  the menu is huge, and includes daily specials, sushi & sashimi, and izaykaya.  we ordered a good variety of dishes, and everything tasted divine.  even something basic like shrimp tempura was made to perfection.  with a contemporary, chilled-out vibe and roomy tables, i know i’ll be enjoying many more meals here in the future.

located at 187 orchard in the thompson hotel.  go for: the atmosphere and huge range of tasty sushi.  be mindful of: the price…dinner for 2 (w/ two beers) was about $100.

book review: unbroken

i’m not typically a fan of biographies or war novels, so when my book club decided to read unbroken by laura hillenbrand, i didn’t have high expectations.  however, this is one of those instances where i was completely wrong and fell into that old ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ snafu.  the book tells the story of louie zamperini, a former olympic runner, and his experiences during WWII.  when zamperini’s plane goes down in the pacific, he’s subjected to one horrific event after the other.  it’s one of those situations where you can’t imagine things getting any worse, and then, for some awful reason, they do.  zamperini is beaten, abused, and degraded – but the amazing part of the story is that he somehow manages to keep himself together through all of this.  it really is a story of survival (as cheesy as that sounds), both on a physical and emotional level.  the other thing i really liked about the book was the historical nature of it – i didn’t have much background on what conditions were like in the pacific during WWII, and this book gave me a new appreciation of what those soldiers went through.  hillenbrand does an amazing job of making the book readable, despite the heavy content.  she conducted over 75 interviews with zamperini, and it almost feels like he’s writing the book himself.  a definite page-turner; highly recommended for any reader.