turn out your lights tomorrow at 8:30pm for earth hour

tomorrow from 8:30-9:30pm is earth hour, a global ‘lights out’ event and the world’s largest public action for the environment.  earth hour started as a single-city initiative in sydney, australia in 2007 and is now supported by millions of people around the globe.  some of the world’s most famous landmarks will go dark tomorrow night – including China’s Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower, Table Mountain, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Buckingham Palace, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue, Niagara and Victoria Falls, Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House and many more.  this is a cause definitely worth supporting.

filthy spacecat tangerine galaxy

i’m a complete sucker for all-natural soaps, and on my recent trip to hawaii, i discovered the coolest soaps ever: filthy farmgirl - 100% natural, vegan-friendly soaps with a twist.  with over 69 flavors, they’re anything but ordinary.  my particular favorites (and the ones i brought home in my already exceeding-the-limit carry-on bag) were of the cat variety – filthy pussy (mint rose), filthy tourist (coconut), and filthy spacecat (tangerine).  with a slogan like ‘live nakedly’ these little bars of cleanliness remind me of the perfect paradise that is hawaii. and, luckily for me (and you!), they ship free of charge.  now the hard part – deciding which ones to order.

wafels & dinges makes and appearance in dumbo

yum yum yum i just finished my first wafels & dinges experience.  this was the 2nd time i’d seen the food truck in dumbo, and i couldn’t resist trying one.  they have both savory and sweet waffles, with a variety of toppings.  these waffles are the real deal –  direct from belgium and the perfect balance of chewy sweet goodness.  super friendly service and a definite must try if you’re lucky enough to see them in your neighborhood.

corner of front and adams

liege waffle (richer and chewier than the brussels waffle) with bananas, nutella, and powdered sugar

2012 lobster roll rumble, nyc

honestly, how amazing are lobster rolls?  i’m getting hungry just thinking about them.  one of the best meals i ever had was a luke’s lobster, a super tiny restaurant/take-out place in the east village.  luke’s won the fan favorite award at last year’s lobster roll rumble, and will be there again this year, defending their title.  i had actually never heard of this fantastic event until yesterday, and even though tickets are steep ($150 general admission, $250 vip) i quickly snatched mine up.  a summer evening drinking beer and tasting the countries best lobster rolls?  i’m sold.

tickets and more info available here.

book review: the marriage plot

I finished the marriage plot last night on the subway ride home from work.  it was one of those instances where i wanted the ride to be just a little longer so i wouldn’t have to put down the book before the last pages were completed.  but, thankfully, i read the last word as we were pulling into the york street station.

i’ve never read jeffrey eugenides before (even though i love the virgin suicides, a film adaptation of his first book) and i was happily surprised with this book.  about a month ago, i read a gate at the stairs (also very good) by lorrie moore , and the marriage plot reminded of that – a ‘coming of age story’.  the novel is set in 1982 and follows 3 recent brown graduates  - a manic-depressive, a scholar exploring his faith, and the female heroine caught between the two of them.  she’s writing her college thesis on 19th century literature, and the book somewhat mirrors the themes from these classics.  i think eugenides does a fantastic job of making you feel like you’re immersed in the characters’ experiences, and i liked switching point of views between them.  it was a mildly easy read (i’ve hear some people complain about the amount of literary references, but i think this was more of a positive than a negative feature of the book) with an interesting, thought-provocing plot.  overall, highly recommended.  4 0ut of 5 stars.

manhattan has disappeared!

foggy dumbo

non-foggy dumbo (taken 1 week ago)

its foggy tonight!  since moving into this apartment 9 months ago, i’ve consistently relied (and relished in) seeing the brooklyn bridge and lower manhattan outside my living room window, and poof! tonight they disappeared.

fyi: tomorrow’s forecast – high of 75 – spring is here!

fashionista review: all saints reptile bag & wallet

the search for my next perfect handbag has ended tonight – introduce the all saints reptile bag (in bitter black, also available in stone).  this bag is a classic boho-chic hobo style, but is spiced up with and really unique ‘razored surface’ (which, according to the salesperson, is handmade).  i also really like the ‘hardware’ on the bag – it gives it that industrial/vintage feel.

as an added bonus, there is also a matching wallet that zips closed.  both the bag and wallet are super roomy – perfect for a busy on-the-go new yorker.  as with most of my all saints purchases, the quality and construction on both these pieces is superb.

bag retails for $395 and wallet for $110 at allsaints.com.

quickie movie review: the artist

i’ve wanted to see the artist for a few weeks now (even more so since it won best picture), and i finally had a chance to see it this weekend at the paris theatre, which is located across from the plaza hotel in midtown manhattan / central park south.  if you haven’t been to the this theatre before, i would definitely recommend seeing a movie there.  we sat on the mezzanine level (who knew movie theaters with mezzanines still existed!) and it was the perfect location to see the nostalgic black and white ‘silent movie’.

overall, i really liked the film.  i’m not sure whether i would have awarded it best picture, but it was entertaining and a nice ‘throw back’ to a time long past.  i thought the acting was good – its no easy feat to keep audiences entertained with no spoken dialogue – and i give all the actors props for managing this with (what seemed like) relative ease.  john goodman, of course, was stellar in his supporting role.  i haven’t seen him in much since barton fink (awesome movie) and it was a pleasant surprise to see him on screen.  the music, which pretty much plays uninterrupted throughout the entire movie, was also well done.  my only complaint was that it did seem to drag a bit toward the end.  4 out of 5 stars.